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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the bay area pulling off the biggest party in the world. san francisco in the global spotlight. broncos fan, larry, is going home without a voice. >> obviously i was there. i gave everything i had. >> reporter: larry and buddy, ron, say their trip here amazing. >> people here, they're awesome. >> we actually went to detroit for the super bowl there, and ten years ago, and it wasn't anything like this. the plumbing was horrible, they weren't did for anything. here it was -- they definitely knew what they were doing. >> reporter: the hard numbers aren't in yet, but experts say many hotels were booked. the city packed with visitors. >> if you walked around san francisco like i did over the weekend, you saw people everywhere, people excited about it. residents and visitors alike. so we're very pleased and we think it was a great event for san francisco. something we can all be proud of. >> reporter: super bowl host officials already say let's do it again. >> we were very clear from the very beginning we did not want this to be a one and done, did not want this to be a super bowl and wait another 10, 0 30rks ye
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years to have one. >> reporter: the venue stopped letting people in after reaching maximum capacity. >> saturday was the worse. i mean, alicia keys, come on now. >> reporter: it wasn't all perfe perfect, show. those gorgeous fireworks not so pretty after some of the shells washed up in the bay and oh, yeah, the traffic. some detours were painful. >> we have, like, an hour and ten minutes. >> reporter: sitting in traffic? >> yes. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim has issues about the estimated $5 million party tab taxpayers are left with. >> it's never been about whether i welcome the super bowl or not. i welcome the super bowl here in the bay area. the question's always been, who should foot the bill for these parties? >> reporter: next year, it's houston's turn to host super bowl. the bay area a tough act to follow. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the mayor of santa clara is going out with a bang. one day after his city was showcased around the world, mayor jamie matthews announced today he is retiring effective
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tomorrow. m stepping down despite having two years left in his term. he says he wants to spend more time with his family and see what the next chapter in his life will be. the host committee and santa clara leaders did a postmortem on how super bowl 50 went and thrilled with the feedback they're getting from the nfl, team owners and fans. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at levi's stadium with their assessment and future possibilities. david? >> reporter: hi, kristen. well, the weather was perfect as you know and so were logistics to get the fans to levi's stadium by car, bus, and other venues and trains, don't forget, and the people here in santa clara, 120,000 strong say they are now convinced they're prepared to hoefrt future super bowls. there's no need for a guest comment card. super bowl visitors are refusive in praise for how they were welcomed and treated. >> from the moment we stepped off of the flight until just now, it has been wonderful. i have enjoyed myself immensely.
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>> reporter: seems people broke the habit of texting and actually showed their engaging side. what did you like about the bay area? >> how nice everyone is. they're much nicer than in chicago. >> reporter: and there's a payoff for this. an economic shot in the arm that will take weeks to research but which anecdotedly appears to be a given. >> wine country was packed. just so many things going on. pebble beach. you know, the fullest week of the year, full. there are so many ways the region benefited beyond just, you know, where the game was played. >> reporter: game day crowds were orderly. no credible threats came in. while about 20 arrests were logged, not one was for a serious assault. people felt safe amidst very visible and tight security and there was plenty to do including concerts and community celebrations in santa clara for residents and visitors that attracted thousands. it left a clear impression that the region is ready to do another super bowl after three years of mult. . agencies and cities planning and working together.
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this volunteer is ready. are you ready to have another super bowl in the bay area? >> absolutely. absolutely. go, eagles. 49ers. raiders. bay area. >> reporter: in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 news. that great super bowl weather is sticking around a little while longer. it's just gorgeous out there as you know. even right now as the sun begins to go down. live picture looking at the bay area. boy, it just did feel like spring. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel here with record highs. >> nice enough day to hit the beaches and definitely record high temperatures, dan. let me show you the records so far we have. 74 san rafael. san francisco, 75. san jose, 78 degrees. all records for today. moffitt field in san francisco tied previous records of 2006. oakland airport, sfo also records and santa cruz came in at 85 degrees breaking its previous record of 78 in 1954.
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obviously with this kind of warm weather, you might be hitting the beach. just watch out. there is a beach hazard statement until 8:00 p.m. tonight. risk of strong rip currents and sneaker waves. current wave heights 7 feet. i'll let you know if we're going to see more record high temperatures in the days ahead or if there's rain in the forecast coming right up. kristen? >> thank you. we know the names of the three men who died in a crash following a police chase saturday after they attended the nfl experience. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington spoke with one of the families today, live at the crash scene at 9th and brannan. >> reporter: there's a roadside memorial with candles, balloons and flowers. i got a chance to speak with one name of one of the passengers. they tell me his death is especially painful because they feel the whole thing could have been prevented. >> still right now it's still unreal, like she said, i'm still waiting for him to come through the door. >> reporter: roland zanie won't return to his pittsburg home, died saturday night along with
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two friends in a fiery car crash in san francisco. police say the driver was doing doughnuts and sped off when a chp officer tried to pull him over. his sister is urging people not to rush to judgment. >> i just feel like they shouldn't have been, you know, pursuing them in the first place with city being so crowded at that moment. >> reporter: her brother was a passenger also in the car, 27-year-old gene jr. from bay point. and 31-year-old david hamilton iii from antioch. the group had just left the nfl experience. his best friend was shocked to learn about the pursuit and wishes he had been with him that night. >> if you take a person on a high-speed chase, honestly you're being selfish, not thinking about the people in the car with you. >> reporter: zanie went to pittsburg high school, always trying to better himself with the odds stacked against him. >> he is always telling a joke but will burst out laughing before he an get the joke out, and it was always funny to him, but to us we couldn't laugh because he wouldn't ever get the joke out. >> reporter: meanwhile, city
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crews replaced a street light nearly knocked over by the impact of the crash. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. we are learning more tonight about one of the two people killed in marin city this weekend. abc 7 news anchor sheryl jennings featured one of the men on "beyond the headlines." she interviewed cook two years ago profiling him as someone who turned his life around. he worked with a non-profit organization, performing stars of marin. cook was shot to death yesterday along with his father-in-law. sheriffs deputies say the shooting happened during a large fight involving guns, knives and baseball bats. they say they arrested everyone involved. the san jose police department is changing its policy on choke holds. starting today the department says it's banning choke holds as a technique to control resistant people. a choke hold may be used to protect an officer or others from an imminent threat of death or serious injury. the move comes two years after san jose's independent police auditor called on the department
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to develop a clear and concise choke hold policy. a remodeling project at this home in san francisco turned up a grisly discovery. workers knocking down a wall found a human skull hidden. the strange find brought out the medical examiner who searched the residence for hours. a preliminary investigation determined the skull was probably used for educational purposes or perhaps as an artist prop. california state university staff and faculty are preparing for a five-day strike at all 23 university campuses. union leaders voted over the weekend for a walkout to be held april 13th to the 15th and april 18th to the 19th if no contract agreement is reached. the issue, pay raises. the faculty association is demanding a 5% salary increase this school year but the university is offering less than half of that at 2%. much more ahead this monday evening. >> officers in a brief pursuit.
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>> it's what happened after that chase that has now prompted a police investigation. details next. plus, why does gas cost so much more in california? the new effort tonight to figure out why. turns out a bay area man not known for saying much really did say it all in one tweet. and inspired by cockroaches. how squeezing through cracks suddenly could lead to saving lives. >> abc 7
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venetia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> happening now, crews are cleans up this mess in vallejo after a truck crashed on highway 37 at the sonoma boulevard off ramp at 3:30 this afternoon. little more than an hour and a half ago. see the vehicle on its side there. the truck was carrying chocolate powder that's used to mix into drinks. the driver was pulled out and sent to the hospital. good news is, no lanes are
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blocked. daly city police on the scene after an officer-involved shooting this afternoon. that would be an officer-involved shooting. it happened after a foot chase by police of a man who reportedly held a knife. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at st. francis boulevard with the very latest there. vic? >> reporter: well, this is st. francis boulevard and serramonte boulevard in daly city. you can still see the police tape is still up there and you can see police vehicles in the middle of that block. that is where the shooting happened in the backyard of a home right over there. the suspect was carried into an ambulance from the rear of the home on st. francis boulevard. this is where the officer-involved shooting happened. >> the officers encountered the suspect and there was one officer involved who fired his service weapon. >> reporter: numerous 911 calls came in to daly city police dispatchers at around 12:45 this
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afternoon. the callers said there was a possible domestic violence incident at the serramonte ridge apartment complex. on 800 block of campus drive. a block away from where the shooting happened. police sergeant edward green says witnesses reported a woman screaming. >> the male had possibly been armed with a knife and was chasing her. >> reporter: police from daly city and nearby towns responded. they say the suspect darted from the apartments, chased by several officers up a hillside, and into the backyards of homes on st. francis. a nearby campus of the jefferson elementary school district was on lockdown during the police chase up this hill. district attorneys' investigators are on the scene of the shooting. police tell abc 7 news the suspect is being treated at a nearby hospital and is expected to live. vic lee, abc 7 news. verizon may have -- perhaps taken a step toward purchasing yahoo!. bloomberg reported today verizon
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reappointed a top exec tiutive explore a possible bid for yahoo!. in december, verizon's cfo said he believed yahoo!'s internet presence would be a good fit with the wireless carrier. verizon has not hired bankers to crunch the numbers or begun public discussions yet. twitter stock hit an all-time low today two days ahead of its fourth quarter earnings report. it closed at under $15 a share. analysts said the cause was not the report friday that suggested twitter would change its users' news feeds. they say it's just part of the hit that tech stocks have taken in the last few weeks. yeah the nasdaq took a hit of 2% today. game maker zynga dropped more than 8%. facebook dropped 4%. gas prices, california drivers pay more than anyone else. >> michael finney with a look at why that's the case. >> the state is investigating saying what's going on?
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the california petroleum market advisory committee was told today californians pay an extra 76 cents a gallon for regular gasoline. consumer watchdog says oil refiners have been intentionally importing less oil and increasing exports tightening supplies and increasing prices. the petroleum agency say state regulations and taxes make it more expensive to produce gasoline here. >> we're also adding about 15 cents a gallon to our fuel price through cap and trade or greenhouse gas regulation reductions and we have some of the most expensive highway and sales taxes in the state, in the nation. >> you may remember governor brown proposed revamping of the state's gas tax during his budget proposal in early january. low income workers in california have another reason to file their taxes this year. the state government is offering an earned income tax credit for the very first time.
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like the federal program, it's designed to help the working poor. range from $2,000 $2,600. when they say low income they're not kidding. the single worker would have to earn $6,500 or less to qualify. there's a scam spreading by social media you need to know about. con men are posting messages saying delta air lines has a promotion where it's giving away luggage, five free first-class tickets and $5,000 to the lucky winners. to get in on the deal contestants must go through various websites. consumers are asked for personal information, get charged for items they didn't order and have malware planted on computers. for some reasons, consumers always believe airlines are giving away free tickets. this is rarely true. i guess because it's not like a physical object. so you think -- it's their product. >> right. be nice if they would. >> keep warning us, all right? >> thanks, michael, very much. if you walked around parts of san francisco today, you may
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have thought you were in downtown denver. abc 7 news was at fisherman's war ever where you could not turn without seeing somebody with an orange broncos jersey. many fans stuck around for sightseeing after the super bowl win. that translated into a lot of green for local businesses. >> how much money do you guys think you spent here? >> oh, a bunch. >> a whole lot. >> a bunch. >> i don't know, man, $5,000, $66,000, $7,000. >> for them it was worth it, right? that didn't include the cost of the super bowl tickets. despite weather, most denver fans want to get home for the championship parade. there are reports the hologram super bowl, on the super bowl program set off alarms in checked luggage. the t sarks wasa warned travele them in their carry-ons for that reason. thank viewers for the abc 7 knew community for sending in pictures from super bowl. a beautiful picture of the blue
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angels flying over levi's stadium, timed perfectly as lady gaga sang the national anthem. this picture of the confetti celebration. send us pictures and video with #abc7now and we may show them on air or online. great moments this week. >> absolutely. the weather did its part to make the pictures even more beautiful. >> it really did. we need more rain to come back. for super bowl sunday it was nice. >> it was. it was super sunny for super bowl sunday. it's going to be another warm one tomorrow. so let's get ready to see possibly more records. let me show you live doppler hd. we'll take a look at where we had records today. and what the temperature was like in your area. so official highs today 79 in antioch, got up to record levels in san san francisco, san rafael, records. 78 napa. 75 santa rosa. half moon bay airport 76 degrees. santa cruz a record at 85.
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here's a lack at live doppler 7 hd. nothing but clear skies. this is maybe the place you want to go. the beach in santa cruz. 74 in san francisco right now. holding on to the warmth. oakland dropped down to 68 degrees. san jose, mid 70s. half moon bay, low 7 0s. nothing but blue skies as we look toward mt. diablo. temperatures in low 70s from santa rosa to novato. liver more,69. here's a look at the forecast. mild to warm again tomorrow. record highs likely. slightly cooler on wednesday. when you take a look at what's bringing us the warm pattern, area of high pressure and warm wind coming from the land blowing toward the coast which is why we're going to see the possibility of more records tomorrow. take a look at the temperature trend for san jose. average high is 62 degrees. i'm going to step aside, we're going to hover well above average for moefst of the workwk heading into the weekend.
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unfortunately the only real possibility of a shower or two diminished for friday. if anything, a 10% chance in the north bay. that system is going well to the north. unfortunately no rain is in sight. tomorrow morning temperatures will begin in the low 40s to the low 50s. when you get going, it's going to be clear. 53 san francisco. upper 40s fremont, san rafael. 50 in san jose. 52 half moon bay. afternoon highs mix of sun and high clouds where you see the asterisk, we're expects a record. 76 in the south bay. 73 san mateo. 7b 4 redwood city. 76 in los gatos. pacifica, daly city, 69. 71 in downtown san francisco. north bay, san rafael expected to be a record tomorrow if it reaches 70 degrees. 70 vallejo. 72 sonoma, santa rosa. beautiful day in the east bay. 74 oakland. a record for the day.
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74 hayward. fremont 47 degrees. inland areas, 71 concord, walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast the one thing that's missing is rain drops. we'll see the sun with a few high clouds every day for a few days. temperatures will come down a little bit. wednesday, thursday, friday, mid 60s coastside. weekend is dry which includes valentine's day. monday, mostly sunny. dan and kristen, there's some people asking where is el nino, does this mean el nino's done? no. we have a temporary diversion of the storm track to our north so el nino continues near the equator in the pacific. and we still have a few more months to go before we can say it's all over. >> it will be back. >> it will be back. hopefully. >> we need it. rain totals and snow pack. thank you. a legend immortalized in statues at at&t park, they're about to get some new company.
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that's next. and 5:30 on "world news." >> blizzard hits the east. the storm hitting with the crucial new hampshire primary hours away. we're one-on-one with trump and rubio. the cruise ship returning hit by winds. beating the high cost of valentine's day. new at 6:00, 7 on your side's michael finney on how to make someone feel very special if
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what may look like a torture chamber for a cockroach, put to a test to see how they squeeze through the tine esthe tiniest s a miniature robot squished in half and still get around. robots that could aid first responders perhaps in search of rescue missions by going into
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rubbles to find survivors where humans cannot go. >> clever. mark zuckerberg spoke fluently in mandarin to welcome the lunar new year and announced his daughter's name in a facebook video. [ speaking mandarin ] >> the facebook ceo and wife priscilla revealed the name. the couple explained the meaning as well. chen is after priscilla's family name. ming means bright. and yu means universe. it's got a lot of great symbolism. he sounds good, too. >> so does kristen. i heard her in a phone call today in mandarin. the san francisco giants adding another statue. gaylord perry. he spent 10 of his 22 seasons wearing orange and black. he'll join willie mays, of course, orlando sapeta. the new statue will be unveiled
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august 13th. beast mode is hanging up his cleats. marshawn lynch sent this tweet during the super bowl and today his agent confirmed his client plans to retire. the bay area native was in his hometown oakland friday for the opening of his first beast mode store. lynch won a super bowl with seattle and played nine seasons in the nfl. >> do you play video games? some people have made it a full-time job and bringing in big bucks. enter the world of e-sports. inside look shows how to rake in the dough playing the games you love. >> make enough to support myself in east bay which is saying a lot. >> find out how you can possibly as well. tonight right here on abc 7 news at 11:00. all right. from basketballer to barista. the famous golden state warrior behind the coffee counter that everyone wanted to meet. some had to wait a very long
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we have some breaking news
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out of taiwan. another earthquake has hit the island right off china. initial magnitude estimates put it at a 5.3. >> just three days ago a 6 .4 quake hit taiwan killing 40 people. no word on damage from today's quake. more on that at 6:00. let's go to the newsroom now, ama daetz with what else is coming up in half an hour. >> dan, thank you. coming up knew at 6:00 the suspected mail thief posing as a pg&e worker. tonight from the i-team the clues and new technology that could help catch this man. also the bay area company working on a vaccine for the zika virus. the ceo is very optimistic. celebrating the year of the monkey. new after 6:30, a look at what the lunar new year traditions are all about coming up in half an hour on abc 7 new at 6:00. warriors center is out indefinitely after undergoing surgery on his left knee today. >> coach steve kerr says it was to repair a cartilage issue. he will be re-evaluated in six
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weeks. he had surgery on that same knee in the past. keep in mind. on the court, draymond green's all nba defense can help get steals in a full-court press. how is he with a french press? >> i'll try it. >> not bad. abc 7 news was at the peet's in berkeley, green got behind the counter. it was his first time as a barista. people lined up around the block to get a taste. >> he was there serving up peet's new warriors blend coffee. if you purchase a cup or grounds at the store, a portion of the proceeds will help underserved youth through the warriors community foundation. >> how nice is it of him to do that in the middle of the season? good for him. >> they are so into their community. >> they really are. wonderful to see. >> "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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tonight, breaking news here. a blizzard hits with the showdown in new hampshire just hours away now. abc's powerhouse political team, out in force tonight. one-on-one with donald trump. can he close the deal here? one-on-one with marco rubio, after taking incoming fire from his opponents at the abc debate. did you fight for your own legislation, senator, or did you run from it? repeating his lines on stage. >> there it is. >> what he says now. and hillary clinton in a fierce battle with bernie sanders in his own backyard. the blizzard warnings across several states tonight. the bus flipping. dozens hurt. some critical. we're tracking two major storms at this hour. the cruise ship on its way back to the u.s., hit by hurricane-force winds. gusts more than 100 miles an hour. the zika virus. and tonight, the cdc moving to its highest level of alert in response to the outbreak.


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